Written on the Wind

An alcoholic playboy Kyle and his wayward sister Marrylee are the children of Texas oil baron Jasper Hadley. They spend their childhood with their best friend Mitch Wayne. Marrylee loves Mitch since she was young, but Mitch only loves her as brother. Occasionally, Mitch meets the executive secretary Lucy Moore in the office while her boss Bill Ryan was out if town in New York. Mitch invites Lucy to join the conference and introduces her to Kyle in club 21. Kyle soon falls in love with the charming lady, and he brings her to Miami Beach persistently. Kyle prepares a decent hotel for Lucy, but she does not like Kyle just throw money to her. She leaves from the hotel and take the fight back to New York. Kyle stops her in the last minute and apologize his rush. Kyle expresses his passion to Lucy carefully and meaningfully to touch Lucy so that they get married in two weeks. Meanwhile, Mitch resents introducing Lucy to Kyle because he also falls in love with the same woman. However, Mitch hides his love for his best friend.

On the other hand, Marrylee becomes self-destructive and fools around with random guys after so many she is rejected by Mitch. She hates his brother because she thinks Kyle takes Mitch into work after they grow up. She gossips to Kyle that Lucy has love affair with Mitch when Kyle is in mourning about his weakness of having a child. This makes Kyle thinks his wife cheats with his best friend after he knows Lucy’s pregnancy. As a result, drunken Kyle intends to shoot Mitch but he shoots himself while Marry tries to stop him in the windy night. Mitch is charged for murder. Marrylee threatens Mitch to marry her. Otherwise, she will testify him. Mitch rejects Marry again and sticks with his love to Lucy. Marrylee eventually tells the truth in the inquest. At the end of the film, Mitch leaves with Lucy, and Marrylee runs the company alone.

I feel the film is full of misunderstand and misfortune among Mitch, Kyle, and Lucy. Kyle is jealous to Mitch because Mitch can do much better than whatever Kyle does. Kyle thinks he is small in his father eyes because of Mitch’s ability. This not too strong until they both fall in love with the same woman. I enjoy the story gives audience a suspended interest at the beginning which shows Kyle’s death. I was wondering how Kyle would be eventually killed but actually he kills himself. The storyline regularly happens that Mitch tells Lucy about his secret love to her, and they fall in love at the end. However, I think it is kind of ironic that Lucy was so strictly to stay with Kyle but then she falls into Mitch so quick at the end without showing much about her sadness to her husband’s death. I also feel that relationship usually has higher priority than friendship. This might be always true to everyone.

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